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When I was in school, I had no clue whatsoever about fashion & style. I used to dress like a chump and not a single girl noticed me. I felt pathetic at that time, of course now when I look back I realize it was a necessary ordeal. In the starting years of my college I started reading “How to Dress” guides. By the 2nd year of college I had read more than 20 books on the art of dressing and what makes women weak in the knees! Soon, I realized that most of the information in these books did not work when I applied it in the real life. There were times when friends used to laugh at me for my stupid and unusual dressing style.

So I decided to try things in my own way, I started reading psychology and made small changes in my dressing style daily and refined it on the basis of the compliments I got from people, especially girls! And after a year of combining style with psychology and body language, I was by far the best dressed guy in college! Girls would literally come to me and tell me that I looked Sexy (p.s:my face looks average at best).

The world is full of assumptions and rules which I never followed, so I made my Own.

Now, I know there are a lot of guys out there who have problems in dressing the right way and attracting beautiful women in their lives and I’m here to help those guys because I know how that feels.

“It’s good to change, if it helps you get what you want in life”

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